College Tennis Combine is the premier tennis combine designed for assessment of tennis performance skills and attributes of tennis juniors wishing to play college tennis in the future. College Tennis Combine is the preferred tennis combine for coaches to evaluate juniors because juniors are evaluated physically through (1) performance fitness testing with measurable results through Evo Sports Training and (2) through live match play against comparable juniors. The College Tennis Combine also distinguishes itself as the ideal event for coaches to evaluate potential recruits because the College Tennis Combine attracts international juniors who normally would not be competing in the USA regularly. It is the ideal way for juniors to make their best impressions in front of college coaches. Implications of one’s performance during the combine can affect perception, scholarship availability and choices for college. Measurable improvements in performance from combines (year to year) display to coaches a dedication and perseverance to improve and get better. An athlete’s desirability among college coaches is increased based on superior measurable qualities such as speed, agility, power, ideal body fat percentile, and cardiovascular fitness level.

COLLEGE TENNIS COMBINE (July 11-12, 2015) at Cerritos Tennis Center

Where: Cerritos Tennis Center, 19700 Bloomfield Ave., Cerritos, CA  90703 (Located on east end of Cerritos Regional Park)

Parking:  Parking is available throughout the east end of Cerritos Regional Park around the tennis courts.

Seating:  Only combine participants, College Tennis Combine staff, and College Tennis Coaches will be allowed to enter the courts during the Combine Testing on Saturday and during Matchplay on Sunday.  If you wish to watch, we suggest bringing your own folding travel chairs.

Things to bring:
•       Tennis Equipment (Racquets and Tennis Shoes),
•       Running Shoes for Mile Run,
•       Plenty of Liquids for Hydration,
•       Energy snacks/energy bars
•       Other nutritional foods you may need to perform optimally

Please prepare yourself with plenty of rest and eat optimally to prepare yourself for the testing Saturday.
Not only will there be coaches watching the juniors perform the combine testing, but all the results will be distributed to a list of over 560 college coaches who have expressed interest in receiving the results of the numbers.  You will be able to receive your results later and see how you compare to the average results and the best results for each combine test.

Saturday, July 11, 2015
12:30pm         Registration  (by shaded grassy area by Courts 1 & 7)
•       Please pick up your personalized Combine Shirt Label.
•       Please affix the Shirt Label with safety pins on the back of your shirt.
•       Pick up your folders which includes groupings.
•       Folders will include information about coaches attending the combine and their contact information.
•       Familiarize yourself with all the combine stations (each station has a sign which describes what is tested and how it will be measured).

1pm             Guest Speaker – Cary Williams –  USA Olympic Certified Boxing Trainer – “Fighting through Adversity to Achieve Athletic Goals”
1:15pm  Warmup and Stretching with Evo Fitness
1:30pm   Move Tennis Bags to Warmup Courts (Courts 10 & 11).  Bathroom break
1:40pm  Rotation 1.  (Review your Group Schedule and Start off at your assigned Combine Stations)
2:00pm  Rotation 2
2:20pm  Rotation 3
2:40pm  Rotation 4
3:00pm  Rotation 5
3:20pm  Break (20 minutes)
3:40pm  Rotation 6
4:00pm  Rotation 7
4:20pm  Rotation 8
4:40pm  Rotation 9
5:00pm  Rotation 10
Please keep your Combine Shirt Label and bring to Matchplay Day on Sunday, July 12, 2015

Sunday, July 12, 2015
11am-12pm               Practice Courts  – Courts 1-14 are all available for practice for College Tennis Combine participants.  (First come, first serve)

12pm – 12:30pm  Check In – Receive Order of Play Schedule to see your matchups and what time your first match will be.  Check in will be in shaded grassy area by Court 1 & 7

12:30pm-1pm             Question and Answer Panel with College Coaches.  There will be an informal question and answer session where College Tennis Coaches from all levels will discuss aspects of life on a college tennis team, what they look for in recruits, w

1pm-7pm                 Matchplay – All players will have at least one singles match consisting of  2 full sets (NO AD SCORING) with 10 point tiebreak in lieu of third set and one doubles match (pro set up to 8 games …No Ad Scoring).  Most players will also receive another singles match or doubles match (pro set up to 8 games … No Ad Scoring).

Please be prepared by having all your racquets strung.  In case you break strings and need a racquet strung during the College Tennis Combine, you can have your racquet strung at the Cerritos Tennis Center Pro Shop (562-809-8079).

Restrooms at the Tennis Center are located at the back of Cerritos Tennis Center Pro Shop Building located between Courts 12 and Courts 14.

Dining in the area
For dining ideas, there is a Subway, Chipotle and many other options close by.

2015 College Tennis Combine – Changes and Update.

After launching the inaugural College Tennis Combine in July 2014, we have received tremendous positive feedback from players and college coaches on the event.  The College Tennis Combine is committed each year to improve the College Tennis Combine and I have developed a College Tennis Combine Advisory Board consisting of top college coaches and top junior tennis coaches to understand how we can make the event better.   Some of the developments and changes for 2015 include:


  • More state-of-the-art technologically advanced tennis metrics testing including partnership with Boomer Tennis Robot Machines – This partnership will bring tennis testing to a whole another level with the introduction of the College Tennis Combine Stress Test – a comprehensive feed test (exclusive to the College Tennis Combine) which will test players ability on a variety of levels including endurance, court coverage, ball placement, and accuracy.  The testing will include cameras and radars to measure each shot’s placement and speed.
  • Replacing the Beep Test (endurance running) with a mile run.  After listening to many college coaches, the consensus was that they would rather see players run a mile rather than undergo the beep test at the end of the combine.
  • Combining different tests into one station rotation in order to get more testing metrics done.
  • Options for more social activities between college coaches and players including doubles tennis play and pickup basketball.
  • Removal of the forehand and backhand cross court and down the line testing to be replaced by Boomer Tennis Robot Machines Tennis Stress Test.
  • We are anticipating and are confident that we will have a very strong field of players attending and very good contingent of college coaches attending.